B & C

B & C

Superb aftermarket B & C Diaphragms.

We guarantee these Diaphragms to be as good as the original and at a fraction of the cost.

Dont like it? - just send it back   (we have never had one sent back)

We have successfully supplied 100s of these B & C Diaphragms so you can order with confidence 

"Très satisfait !"

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Speaker horn Diaphragm for B & C  DM5001, DM5002, DM5003, DM5004, DM5004M, DM5005, DM5005M, DE72, DE75, DE75TN, DE82, DE82TN, DE85, DE85TN,  DE750, DE750TN,  MMD75, MMD75TN, MMD75TNM
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