Headshell/Cartridge/Stylus units

Headshell/Cartridge/Stylus units

Complete Headshell, Cartridge and Stylus units - ready to simply plug straight into your vinyl record player and play.

Available in Silver, Black finish or if you really want an impressive finish we also do them in a fabulous Gold or Titanium plate.

Each headshell is fitted with a top quality  Moving Magnet phono cartridge connected by Oxygen free Copper Cartridge wires with gold plated tabs for excellent signal transfer and superb sound quality and, of course, a diamond spherical stylus.

These are ideal for replacing the cartridge on your Vinyl Turntable without the need for dismantling and resetting your old one, or for a "quick swap" back up.

Please be aware of the variances between the products listed and choose only the one to match your record player.

Contact us if your deck is not listed - with the tiny differences between them it's not a good idea to guess.

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